Has anyone else felt so tired, coupled with minor headaches here and there but can’t figure out why, when there seems to be no logical reason behind it?

Well if you have, you’re not alone.

I don’t even think I remembered to pray to God asking Him to strengthen me. I was just so tired. I really wanted to sleep. I just had one class today and this class was a 9:30 am class and 30 minutes in, I was already battling sleep and wondering when it would all be over. And mind you, this class lasts for 75 minutes. I was even late for the class too. Everything early on was just weird. Later on, things balanced out a bit though, after I met up with my friends and we caught up and started dissecting the passage we would be discussing tomorrow at Bible Discussion at my Uni.

Before the meet up with them though, I found myself contemplating what to do. Whether I should eat, arrange my clothes, study my Bible, study my books, do my assignments or simply sleep. I really wanted to sleep but I knew it wouldn’t be the wisest thing to do, because then it would be so hard for me to wake up and study afterwards and I really wanted to study my Bible today as I had been pushing it for a little while now. So after about two hours of haziness, eating, and checking up on the application process of my transportation card, I decided to pack my stuff and go to the nearby coffee shop to study. I took my Bible and Journal too, so I could study it too. And so for about two hours thereafter, I studied my Bible, and sorted out my Literature Assignment. The Bible study was quite a struggle at first though, because suddenly, my eyes started hurting. They felt quite warm, almost hot, that I had to remove my glasses, but that didn’t work. I think I asked God to help me get through this but I’m not too sure, my head and eyes hurt so I can’t really remember. But I do know that instead of the two chapters of Genesis I chose to stick to for my afternoon study, I ended up going through about four and a half. I don’t even know how I did it. It can only be God.

My head hurts and my eyes are heavy as I write this now. My friend told me to rest and that I may actually need to because it could be that I probably haven’t rested well enough, which I do think I have, as 7 hours of sleep should be enough, but oh well.

Goodnight. ❤🌹❤


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