Hey all! It has been a while since I actually updated on my daily living, so of course, I will be doing that today!

First of all, today is my friend, Efe’s birthday! She turned 19! She received so much love that I empathised with her. Community in Christ is beautiful!

But even aside from that, a miracle happened today with my midterm exam that is worth 15% of my final grade. So because my weekend was quite packed because of church, hangouts, laundry, and a cooking event I had to plan for, plus, also my lack of prioritizing and time management, I was not able to study or even rest well, that even as I’m writing this now, I am so tired, even though I kind of caught up on my sleep today already. Moving on.

So as I was not able to study for this exam, and haven’t even been studying weekly as well, I decided to rest first on the night of Saturday then wake up early on Sunday to study, as my exam was 8 am that day. So sis slept at around 1 am, briefly woke up at 4:30 am to the alarm, then after a series of thoughts contemplating whether I should stand up or not, I woke up at 5:59 am. Yeah, sis slept back. And for some reason, the device I used to set the alarm strangely switched off, when the battery was around 70%, making me miss the in between alarms I set from 4:30 till 6. Sigh. The devil is working, but if God be for me, who can stand against me? He woke His daughter up because He has the power to do that, without any use of an alarm clock. Meanwhile, waking up that time meant I barely had three hours left to study. And so I decided not to take my bath. I freshened up though, and was ready in about 12 minutes, took my stuff down stairs and started studying.

So I went through most of what we had done in class that I wasn’t very clear on and the ones that just needed refreshing. And might you know, the questions that my friend sent me that she was practicing, two of them came out, and those two plus one other one, were the ones that I didn’t get time to get through but I rushingly glanced through them. One of them was more confusing than the other so I decided to solve it, but I stuggled. I tried three times or so, before finally looking at the answer. My mistake was not going through the solution step by step, because the exact question came out but with changed values instead. In the exam, using the vaues of the practice one, I tried to get what they got because I knew what they got, but I just couldn’t get it. I was doing something wrong and I knew the step of the solution that I was getting wrong but I just couldn’t figure it out. I guess I should have stated that I knew my answer was wrong but just didn’t know where I went wrong, in order to get the maximum marks possible. But sigh. It’s passed now. But lets get into the details of the exam a lil bit.

First of all, I was one minute late for the exam, but we made it. However, not so smoothly. As I started, I found myself skipping questions. Then bit by bit, the solutions started coming to mind. For a moment, I had to pause and ask the Holy Spirit to help me because I just couldn’t fail. I didn’t want to. So after I did that, I was able to start answering them sweetly. The Spirit gave me the wisdom to ask the teacher for clarification on the formulas and on the questions themselves and that helped! I was able to correct mistakes, which left me with the one I knew was wrong but just couldn’t figure out why. All in all, when I submitted about two minutes to the ending of the exam, I clarified with him, which was right and wrong. And yeah, my guess was right, it was wrong, but the others were good. He couldn’t clarify the ones that involved theory but hopefully those are right. It was only by God’s grace I was even able to answer those theoretical ones because God suddenly just brought to my mind the time I explained those properties to my friend who resumed late, about six weeks ago. The fact that I could still remember it blew my mind. God is good.

I repeat, God is good.

Because even as I was studying, I asked Him to help me. I didn’t know how He was doing it, but He did. He helped me and He’s done this before too, and for the studying of an exam too; concentrating on the topics that actually came out in the exam is such a beautiful occurrence. And we call that smart studying guys: smart studying! I don’t know about you, but I can only smart study with the help of the Holy Spirit. All other attempts are futile.

And even this evening, I spent hours catching up with my friend that went over to her parent’s for the weekend. She and I both love music so not surprisingly, majority of our talk was on music and we spent about an hour singing different songs, even reflecting on how it will all be when we reunite in heaven, singing in worship and praise to our Mighty Saviour.

There is joy in Christ. He is good and He is loving; and even more so He is Love.

Meet my fwend again, Imnah. The girl I was singing with! This is her soaking in the beautiful café we explored for the first time. It was beautiful!

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