Who is Love?

Out of love, mercy and compassion,

To reconcile us to Him, He sent His Son

For in us, there was no solution for this math

Except for Him to die to satisfy the Father’s wrath


The cross of our sin was too great to bear,

But the Son of Man bore it all without fear

He lived as we did, tempted in equal measure

But sin He did not; love for us was His pleasure


He chose as He wished, revealed as He willed

But He preached to all, out on the open field

He wept with us, He grieved with us

He sympathised with those who suffered loss


Yet we despised Him, we crushed Him

He did something wrong, it would seem

But it was clearly the opposite

Because for all our sin, He was hit


He took the cross, having done nothing wrong

You may think this’ a joke, but it ain’t no ping pong

It is not a lie neither is it a game

Dying so we could live, that was His aim


Raised to life, so even though we die, we may live

So trust in Him, don’t disbelieve

Oh Praise His name, the One above

He is the Merciful, and He is love


Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies โค


– Hephzibah


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