Time Runs, but God is in Control

Time literally doesn’t wait for me! I mean, I know it doesn’t wait for anyone else but it always seems to be flying whenever it’s with me. Okay, okay, I know I waste time. I have been wasting so much time that its been affecting my study time with the Lord, but as far as I’m concerned, before I go to bed this night, I must catch up on my study. Thanks to God, I was able to finish my assignment that I only knew existed today and is due tomorrow, just now and it’s currently 11:24pm. I would have been over this a long time ago though, if I had just said no to lots of aimless conversations that took LOADS of my time yesterday. Today was a refreshing one though, I must admit.

In the midst of all the things that I had to do, there were joys here and there that made up for it. I met with my Christian friend on campus and we just caught up and before we knew it, an hour had passed and we hadn’t even read the book we met up to read, sigh, but the conversation was worth it. We spoke of the health issues, and natural disasters in relation to the sovereignty of the Lord. We know He’s in control and has a reason for everything that’s happening but I felt so much for her, because she’s from Hong Kong and so her family is definitely in danger, but its a joy to know that they are Christians (I think so, but I’m not too sure). It was painful to know that their government is not doing anything about it and that even the police men have more protective gear than the doctors and nurses themselves. Moreover, no protecting shielding has been declared over the borders, regarding if people should leave or enter so it’s only getting worse, but we trust God. It can be hard, more so even harder for her, but we know God works things together for the good of those who love Him so that they be conformed to the image of His Son, Jesus. We spoke of many more things and would have even continued, but sis had class. Yeah, sis is me.

Later on, at 5pm, there was a winter event in my university that started and lasted for 4 hours, and was open to outsiders. As this hardly ever happens, we were elated. So my friends from church, and from another university, that could come, came to help me make new friends, with the intention of spreading the gospel to them, although acknowledging that in the first conversation, it may not come up. However, before I knew it, nah, I knew it was flying, it was 8pm and so the last of my friends had to leave, and ironically, they had made new friends and I hadn’t. Lord, help me with my shyness. I just couldn’t bring myself to utter words to new people. I know I should have leaned on the strength of the Lord but I just couldn’t seem to do it. I simply found myself having little conversations here and there with the people I was already acquainted with. It was as if I wasted my time attending the event since I didn’t even accomplish the purpose to why I went in the first place.


I know it wasn’t time wasted though. I spent a beautiful time with my mentor, friend, sister and mum in Christ! We danced, talked, spent some quiet time together. Mahn, she’s so sweet! I loved even the conversation I had with my firend that came from her university to support! Such blessings! I even had a trill time with the others that came too. It was beautiful, but I still felt a bit down that I didn’t approach new people. I was scared of not knowing what to say, and how awkward I would be, as I always am in conversations with acquaintances and new people.

I trust that God have given me boldness already. In fact, I know He has and is still strengthening me in that, but I still find myself cowering back. at times, like look at what happened to me earlier this night. It is well.

God, time runs, but I know You are in control and have given me wisdom. Please help me stick to schedule and learn to say no to aimless activities or events that would not be wise to engage in. At the same time, please help me understand that time is running and it may be up at any moment, and so use this knowledge coupled with my love for You, to prompt me to spread the gospel to people so they hear of this good news before its too late.


As I pray for myself, I pray for you too!

Have a good night, lovelies!


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