Downs and Ups

It started out moody, the mood stayed on

I struggled to smile, it was hard to take things in

After drilling me on advices, they noticed I was gone

I was there and not there, my face like a subtle bin


At the onset question of care, I burst out

Once I started, it was hard to stop

So I spilled what it was about

I told her the truth, of how I felt like a flop


She listened calmly, encouraged me dearly

Met me where I was, understood me sincerely

Pointed me to Christ and the Sovereignty of God

At the end of it all, it felt like I was given a cord


Something changed, my heart was relieved

Truly, community is a blessing not to be taken for granted

My eyes hurt now, but with the reassurance I’ve received

I can rest in God because seeds have been planted




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