The Overflowing Love of Christ

Two words. The Church.

I am part of the universal church, as well as I am part of a local church. And I just want to say that today was beautiful.

I had not seen church that full in a while, but even aside from that, the voices! Hearing the saints sing! And that was just a glimpse of how magificient it truly will be when we all unite in the coming of Jesus and worship Him in oneness. It brought me to tears. I was moved by the love of Jesus. I was gripped over how and why He saved me all over again. I found myself really soaking in the lyrics of the contemporary hymns we sang in beautiful harmony. And this was just a ‘small’ part of the whole service. The sermon was another thing; a ‘major’ thing.

The pastor spoke on Genesis 15, explaining to us how we should fight fear with the promises of God; that the only way we can eliminate or seek to elimate the uncertainity we may have about the future is to trust in the God who is in perfect control of our lives and even knits it for us and has promised us a great inheritance in Christ. We should believe God and what He says. Only then can we be at peace, knowing that our future is in secure Hands. He is causing His plans for our future to be fulfilled in various ways.

However, something more moved me. I saw the preacher display brokeness over the love of God while nearing the end of His sermon. He linked the covenant made with Abraham with the new covenant declared in Christ and how He, Jesus, paid the consequences of breaking the covenant. A covenant is usually between two people, and it was between Abram and God here, yes, but God was the only person who sealed this covenant with promises, by passing through the blooded ground in the form of smoke. So as Abram, and his many decsendants including us, broke this covenant by continually sinning, it carried consequences, the shedding of blood. And even though we were the ones supposed to shed our bloods as punishment, God did it in our place, in Jesus. What kind of love is this? Sacrificing Himself for people who do not even see Him, look to Him, trust Him or believe in Him.

As he preached these parts to us, he could not help but tear up, as did part of the congregation too, using his strained cracked voice to go on till the end, endearing people to look to this King and trust in Him who spilled His royal blood for us so that we may be reconciled to Him.

I don’t know who’s reading this but I urge you, please seek this Savior, who went through death that we may not die. Who rose from the dead that we may be raised to life in Him. Please turn to Him and trust in Him. He’s waiting for you.


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