Something Is Cooking

Today I met with the wonderful graceful, exceedingly helpful blessed Staff helping me to lead the bible discussion group in my university, today at a Coffee shop and it was amazing.

And before this meeting, I met with one of them earlier, like we usually do and she pointed out many things about me that I didn’t even know about myself.

She told me I am a person who likes details (just by the wayI never even knew this before (I mean, duh) but now she said it, mahn, how trueeee! funny how others can know about you than you yourself!), plus that I am very enthusiastic and dedicated about the BDG and all. She also said that I’ve grown too. And I’m like me? I’m dedicated/enthusiastic? Me that my time with God is going through breakups and hurricanes? Me that struggles to pray? I’m growing?

I guess lately, people have been pointing out growth in me that I don’t even realize that I’m going through. Indeed, now I understand when people say that its after a while, they realize the work that God has been performing in their lives.

And I do admit, I have noticed that I seem more time organized but not very time diligent but it’s improved quite a lot from last semester. I’ve also seen myself leaning on God more and found my worries decreasing although things may seem overwhelming. Plus, I have noticed this ever-growing desire to let people know about Christ. So yeah, I know something is cooking.

God is working things in my life. Be it in my selfishness, in my lack of dedication to Him, in my dying prayer life, in my nasty non-profitable speaking habit, He is working in my heart and changing my desires from inside out.

Perhaps, in six months’ time, I’ll come to testify about how I’ve lead a Bible discussion finally, how I’ve finally randomly preached the gospel to a stranger, how I’ve consistently began sticking to my schedule, how my prayer life has been revamped and doesn’t seem to be dying, how I’m finally fulfilling that desire to spend time in God’s Word, how hunger for Him is continually increasing, how I don’t care about stats anymore, how I’m not drawn to social media anymore, how ‘selfless’ I see myself becoming, how my time management and diligence has drastically improved, how I answer my messages online on time, how the immoral lustful thoughts in my head are exponentially dissipating, how I’ve finally found a balance between academics, this blog, and campus ministry.

But of course, all these would be the Lord’s doing!

Have a beautiful day lovelies!