My name is Serena and time is a struggle.

Time I have been graced with, yes, time.

Time, time, time.

Somewhere somehow, I always happen to be late.

Somewhere somehow, the day goes by so fast,

I find myself scrambling for little hours to sleep or work.

I’m praying to God yes,

but I’m lacking in that too.

Just something always seems to be wrong.

Social media, movies and thoughts

preoccupying my mind, time and heart.

It should be filled with the Spirit, Son and Father

Dwelling in His presence, neither in haste nor rush.

Lukewarmness would be spat out,

yet that is not the sole reason why.

I truly want to fufill the desire to be with Him,

but I still wrestle with the old me.

Please pray for me

Pray for diligence and wisdom, too.


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