What’s More Important?

It feels like a long time since I posted an entry, but I felt the pressing need to update you all today. 

So Kobe Bryant, his child, her friend and her friend’s parents as well as, I think three to four other people, lost their lives yesterday in a helicopter crash. 

One of the first things that came to my mind, like it did too when Cameron Boyce passed last year, was “did they know Christ?” I truly hope, even though it may have been last minute, that they put their trust in Christ.

We really never know when our time would be up. But what or Who are we living for while we’re still on this earth? Are we striving to build a legacy that is fleeting and would only pass away with time? Are we seeking to build for ourselves treasures here on earth, for the sake of our souls? Are we looking toward what would actually happen to us after we die? Do we even think about the afterlife? Do we think this life is all that there is? Are we all about chasing success here one earth, not bothering if we’re actually truly failures in the eyes of our Creator? Are we living for ourselves?

Or are we striving to live for Christ and in Christ? Do we even know Him? Do we find ourselves fighting our flesh that so wretchedly strives to go against God? Are we assured of our position in Christ? Are we assured of where we would go after death? Are we trusting in Christ to save us from our depravity? Or are we looking to our works to do so?

Or do we not care if we get eternally condemned like we deserve? 

Please consider all these questions and really think though your lives. 

My life isn’t perfect, not even close. But guess what? I know it won’t be like this forever. There would come a day when all the worLdly passions and desires in me would suddenly die out and the struggle would be put to death. But till that day comes, I wouldn’t take the grace of God for granted and live my life anyhow I want to, but live in light of the Cross and for Jesus alone, the Holy Spirit helping me. It is not easy. It’s a journey of ups and downs, as I have even been telling you all about. It is a constant battle, but God. 

See, when my Savior, the One through which I am made righteous and have been adopted into God’s family, returns, what He started in me, He will bring to completion. Because after all, He is the One who started that spark in me.

But before time runs out, either Jesus returns or we are put to sleep, what are we looking forward to? The next award? The next payment of salary? The perfect spouse? Riches on earth? Or finally being reunited with our Father?

What are you looking forward to?