Oh, What a Day…

I’m not going to lie. Today was a bad day. I don’t remember the last time I bawled my eyes out this much. And it’s quite funny, as I contemplated blogging earlier today talking about my joys of the upcoming event I was set to attend in the early evening of today. Sigh.

I’m very tired now. I would have updated you all on what exactly went down today but eyes are heavy and are struggling to keep open.

But one thing that hammered quite deeply into my head today is that God has a reason for everything. He is Sovereign. He is Lord over anything and everything. He works things together for the good of those who love Him. Perhaps things don’t go well as it may be a sort of discipling for me from God, or simply just because of sin. I know Jesus didn’t come to set me free from earthly sufferings. Jesus came to unite me with the Father; To be His child once again. And even though it may be hard to feel the joy in this truth right now, I would not let my emotions tamper with the reasoning that Jesus is Lord in all of this.

Thank you Brittany and Favour for reminding me of the gift I have in Christ. ❤

Have a very good night’s rest loves. 🌹❤🌹


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