The Beauty of God

Hey people,

For the past two days, Friday and Saturday, I was away on a trip so I couldn’t update you on the goodness of God in my life but I’m here now!

First off, Friday came; the day I was anticipating to spend as much time as I could with the Lord before going to church as it was the beginning of the weekend. However, that did not happen. Yet again, Instagram ate so much into my time that I slept in the early hours of Friday and had to wake up late that day. Even upon waking up, I took to Instagram again and neglected spending time with the Lord. And when I finally left it, I was leaving to go have my bath and prepare for the overnight camping trip which took a lot of time, that I was a bit late for church which started at 4:30 pm. I do admit, I was a bit unwise and could have easily avoided being late in that I forfeited taking pictures of myself and that I packed well the night before. Oh Serena. See, I have this terrible trait of being selfish with the time that God has graced me with in this life. Yeah, it ain’t my time. God help me though.

Now moving on, I had told God earlier this year that I didn’t want to write an input in this blog without spending some time with Him first. And that if ever I do, it would probably be of me testifying of a certain thing He just did in my life, and/or will probably plan to spend time with Him later that day. So this imaginary yet solid pact I made with the Holy Spirit was what prevented me from updating this blog during the past two days. As I didn’t want to seek perfection in the flesh, having begun by the Spirit, in that I would just be posting for posting regularly sake, if you get what I mean.

Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?

Galatians 3:3 ESV

I saw that I had regulated my time so very badly that it became so packed once I left for church, because of the preparations to drive a two to three hour journey to another city to stargaze, and even the driving itself, making it quite difficult to journal. So Friday past, and so did the majority of Saturday, without me taking out time to spend with Him, until about an hour to the end of Saturday. I felt so much better after that time spent with Him that I couldn’t wait for the next morning that I would talk to Him again. And that’s literally how it always is. I’d always anticipate the next time I’ll spend with Him, then when the time comes, I’ll shorten it by doing other unnecessary things then feel bad that I had to rush my time with Him because I had to go to class or meet up with someone or go to church or go to an already scheduled event or just do something else.

And it repeated itself this morning. I spent time dilly-dallying in some more sleep and then Instagram, then editing of photos until I finally concentrated on God. Thankfully, I spent over 30 minutes with Him before I had to prepare for classes, so I was glad but also knew I could have done better.

Of one of the things that took my time last night before I finally slept, and at a late time, as expected, was trying to pick photos from the camping at Liwa Desert (or Al Quaa, I’m not sure), to post on Instagram that would not distort the theme of my page but mahn, I give up. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll still try to make it fit to a theme but if I can’t, I’m just going to leave it that way, post them and then take the much needed hiatus from Instagram, or any other social media in fact, except sporadical visits to Reddit.

Might I say though, I was amazed by the beautiful night skies at the Desert. I don’t ever remember seeing stars that many in the sky. It was amazing! And as we left there at around 9:30 am the next day, I saw a huge salt pan as we journeyed out of the desert, and boy, was I awed. God is soo beautiful so His creation must be as well. But actually beholding the beauty is just breathtaking. Sadly, hardly any one’s phones could capture the skies but google is such a delight, is it not?

Panoramic view of Milky Way above Liwa Desert. The Liwa Desert is a large oasis area in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

A picture of the salt pan at Liwa Desert (source: shuttershock)

I had a beautiful weekend guys and it leaves me speechless anytime I want to actually go in-depth of what happened over at the desert. SO many amazing events. First we had this non-christian friend of ours ask so many good questions and we just watched how she was so open about her confusions. She didn’t even feel the need to pretend she was a christian even though she was in the midst of only christians, I presume, as it was a trip consisting of two churches (majorly youths). And then I we had these in-depth discussions about Christ and life and music and other things, under the crackling heat of the fire, warming us up, but not to our bones, as that cold wind and weather in general, was something else. But we made it through, praise God!

All in all, I saw the beauty of God displayed in that journey. From the prayers of mine answered in quite a spectacular way, to the sight of the heavenly bodies shining bright in the night sky. From the discussions, to the staying up through the night. From the listening to music, to the gathering round the fire. From the crackling of the fire, to the roasting of marshmallows. From the wrapping up of ourselves to receive warmth, to the sharing of the warmth amongst ourselves. From the watching of the sunrise, to the taking of pictures. From the breakfast we had together, to the combined help of the lot of us, to get a car out of a battery situation. From the sight of the salt pan, then to the journey back home. All of it was beautiful.

Nature is Beautiful. And so are we. We are all full of beauty; the glorious beauty of our marvellous God.


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