I Wish

I wish I had that passion

I wish I desired You more

I wish my heart wasn’t so dull

I wish I always took Your principles to the core


I wish I always ran into Your dwelling place

I wish and know You would sweep me up into Your arms

I wish I simply stopped worrying

I wish I truly lived out Psalms


I wish I followed Your lead more

I wish I knew what Your lead was at times

I wish I never read Your Word as a chore

I wish I stopped trying to earn my way


I wish I never bothered about stats.

I wish I focused less on what they think

I wish I looked only to You

I wish I saw You as the only link


I wish sin left me

I wish I lived out my freedom in You

I wish legalism stopped trying to grab me

I wish I focused more on Your grace


I wish I never lost my wonder of You

I wish I continued to be in awe that You chose me

I wish I was more grateful

I wish I always solidly believed in Your Sovereignty


I wish I never strived perfection by the flesh

I wish I focused more on Your grace

I wish I remembered Your mercies daily

I wish I never hid my face



As far as I wished these

I know there is no feud

I trust in the Lord to transform me

I believe I am part of the chosen few.


— Hephzibah.


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