My Day!

First off, sis slept around 4:15am and had a class at 9am.

You see, I don’t know what it is but there’s something different about starting your day with the Holy Spirit.

Even though as I skipped a few alarms and finally woke up at 8:30am, and had only about 30 minutes to prepare, everything fell into place. Okay granted, I was about 10 minutes late but I only partially missed a recap example of what I already knew from previous classes.

Let’s go back a bit.

This year, I made the decision to diligently start recording my dreams and I could and can only do that with the help of the Holy Spirit. So when I woke up today, I went straight to my phone to quickly talk to God, then I remembered that I hadn’t yet journalled my dream and so I proceeded to write but I couldn’t remember jack. I knew I had a dream that was a bit eventful but I suddenly couldn’t remember it and only about 3 minutes had passed since I woke up and so I asked the Holy Spirit to please help me remember it and He did, almost instantly. Whatever I remembered, I wrote down, even if it didn’t make sense. As I wrote more, I remembered more but then nothing more. And so I stopped and proceeded to write to the Spirit concerning my day. I would have used my physical journal but that would have taken much time and time was against me here.

And so I wrote:

I removed the name of the person I wanted the Spirit to lead me to as well as what we wanted to talk about, for privacy sake 😁

I believe He took control of today though, even though I stupidly walked into my first class with the size label still plastered on the front of my trousers. My gosh, it was so embarassing! And I only noticed when I sat down. And because I sat in front, it would have been very awkward for me to try and remove it when people behind and beside me may have been watching. So I stylishly covered it with my hand but that didn’t do a very good job and could only last for so long. I kept pondering why on earth God allowed this to happen to me after I just prayed to the Him to lead me and take control of my day. But the word, ‘pride’ suddenly flashed in my head.

A lot of things would not have become issues if pride wasn’t involved and a lot would also have been resolved if pride would have been let gone of.

And this wasn’t any different from my situation.

So before I even started writing down the little I had missed in class, I stripped off the label, shyly yet confidently and wrapped it up and into my bag it went. Pride has no benefits whatsoever and I guess the Spirit thought me that today. I felt such relief and was like, ‘bruh, that wasn’t so hard, was it?’ but I was also thinking, oh now, these people know I bought new clothes. Can they tell it’s from Carrefour (a famous supermarket where I live that sells cheap clothes)? Do I also have a label hanging out somewhere else on my top? Then I just brushed all these thoughts away. It didn’t matter. It’s not like I’ll be taking these clothes with me to heaven or they’ll be taking their designers there as well. What matters is my soul and my heart. And moreso like, was I dressing modestly? You bet I was. Ain’t nobody dressing otherwise in this chilly weather. Plus I feel MUCH more comfortable dressing fully covered.

Thanks to the Spirit, these thoughts soon faded into space and I finally started focusing on the lesson being taught.

Although I had a back to back class, with only 10 minutes break in between, after this first class was over, I first dropped my stuff in my next class room and went to the toilet. Then I met this friend of mine that worked as a cleaning staff at my school. I was thankful I did because she said she was going through a lot but she believes all would be well (or so my memory tells me but I’m not so sure; anyway). She then spoke to me about her struggles and by the time we were done talking, I was 16 minutes late for my next class, but I felt it was worth it. I know it isn’t good to be tardy but I didn’t miss what I didn’t know already and my friend also expressed her gratutide of how her heart felt freerer after talking to me. God uses people, guyss and I’m glad He used me today to bring joy to someone else!

And you wouldn’t even believe that as I was about to enter the elevator as this next class finished, I suprisignly met the friend I wanted to and even though we didn’t talk about the camp, we caught up for about a minute before we both parted ways to go for our next classes.

During my last class, literature, when she told us to write about one or two paragraphs on what our experience is with literature and if we considered ourselves readers, I started downloading; a lot and very quickly. And the structure format and grammar usage suprised me. I didn’t really know I could write that way in such a short amount of time, about five minutes. And this could only be due to the Holy Spirit!

By the time class was over, I was exhausted. Those four classes were quite interesting actually but I just couldn’t bring myself to study afterwards because I really needed sleep. So after spending really unnecessary long hours on social media, I went to bed and ‘napped’ for three hours. Then woke up, spent about one and a half hours on social media, then proceeded to spend time with God. As I did that, in between I finally answered all my whatsapp messages, then went back to continue. Perhaps, I should not have done that. I just wanted to be sure I was not ignoring someone as I spent time with Him. BUt on a more serious note though, I get easily distracted and I because I listen to music as I spend time with God, I don’t lik eputting my phone away. Plus, I even use online Bible resources. God help me to sort things out mahna dn concentrate on HIm more!

And so lads, now I am here writing this to you with serious hunger in my tummy but we moving! By the time I’m done, imma eat first of all, and then do all other things I need to before I sleep. And I set a deadline for myself. I must not sleep later than 12am today!

Have a good night loves. 🌹❤🌹

My outfit today!

3 thoughts on “My Day!

  1. We’re so alike. I get distracted so easily; and I never wake up when the alarm rings. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit is always there when we need Him. Today I figured I could get more done when my goals are small and realistic (that was probably the Holy Spirit telling me). For instance, I’ve been struggling with keeping myself hydrated. I want to drink at least two liters of water a day, but I never get past one. Some days I don’t even drink water at all. Today, He told me to instead aim to drink one liter. I was able to achieve my goal and even exceed it by a lot.


    1. Wow…indeed, God is always with us…that water one though; I need to get in on it. My water and food intake have been quite unhealthy. I’m honestly happy for you in exceeding that goal mahn, cuz I totally understand how it feelsss!

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