Better than Yesterday

…and the day before and the day before that, and the past week basically.

So I woke up today and took things one step at a time. I didn’t really feel the rush to do anything. Things were calmly falling into place; Spending time with God, answering messages, freshening up and now writing this out in nature, in this beautiful weather.

And I noticed something unusual about today and I was very grateful to God about it. I felt some sense of peace. If you’ve been following up with me so far, you know how much I worry about things. I worry so much, usually focused on sin; concerned with if I’m doing the right things or not. But today was different.

I just took things slowly. Nothing bugged my mind about sin. I was just focused on writing to God whatever worries I had previously and how He’s filled my mind with peace. Then I remembered that yesterday, I had asked for prayer concerning my worries and finding peace, from the TrueChristian Reddit community. And one person said she/he did. Another gave me lists of songs to meditate on when I feel uncertain and have doubts, as those are the songs that have helped her. These past few days, I’ve also had a friend pray for me concerning peace of mind and another, encourage me.

You see, people undermine the importance of community and what effect it can have on someone involved. I, personally, am a living testimony of community.

It instantly warmed my heart when I saw the notification alerting me that someone had prayed for me. It was so sweet. Even the fact that the other person took their time in compiling the list of youtube videos of the songs she (maybe he) advised me to listen to, was very heartwarming. And so I clicked on the first youtube video song and continually listened to it before I watched some other youtube videos uplifting my soul about another person’s walk in Christ, and then went to bed.

I don’t know what God was doing in my heart throughout these past few and even as I was sleeping, but I know He worked big things. I know the uncertainties in my heart reduced with time before I slept and then when I woke up, it had laid down. I hope, never to resurface. I wouldn’t even bother about it coming up again. All I’d do is take things, one step at a time, focusing on God’s grace, and depending on the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to work in my life, humbling me and helping me walk as one who has been saved.

The responses I was talking about on r/TrueChristian

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