A Deeper Relationship with Christ

This past week I wrote on some controversial topics in the christian community and it’s bothered me a bit. See, I’m a person that worries a lot and I am praying to God that He takes this away from me and fills my heart with His peace that surpaseth all understanding. I hardly even tell people what I’m worried about and eat my self up in condemnation and pity. Oh Serena. It’s only recently that I’ve been opening up bit by bit to people in my church. And it’s seriously helped. Thank God for people mahn.

Now, one of the major things that have been eating up space in my mind is doing the right things. Ever since Christ saved me, I always seem to have this underlying feeling wondering if I’m thinking, saying and/or doing the right things. And this is especially hard to decipher on grey areas of the Bible or on things that aren’t explicitly stated in the Bible to be wrong. Moreso, I try to be very cautious on what I say to people on the area of Christianity or even in the way I live my life, so I don’t steer people in the wrong direction; which is away from Christ.

So while we’re on this, let me clear up any misconception(s) people may have gotten from my previous posts on tongues and prophecy. Because I haven’t had peace of mind on these. Perhaps its the Spirit prompting me to do this, I’m not too sure. Now onto it:

We should never focus more on the gift bestowed on us by Christ than He Himself, the giver of it.

I think I may have come across as trying to get a certain spiritual gift more so than chase a deeper relationship with Christ. I didn’t mean it that way please. I don’t think having any, none or all of those spiritual gifts indicate the maturity of a Christian. You see, what is focused very majorly in the new testament is growing in holiness, and living as though we have indeed been redeemed from the curse of the law and have been freed from sin. We also see Jesus instructing people to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him. Moreso, we constantly see Paul living his life trying to spread the gospel to nations, all to continually win souls for Christ.

Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

Matthew 16:24 ESV

So, while I desire those spiritual gifts, they are secondary, possibly even tertiary. What I should focus on primarily, is knowing God increasingly by spending intentional time with Him each day in prayer and in His Word; continually examining myself to see if I am in the faith, repenting and asking the Holy Spirit to continue the work He has started in me. Then secondarily to preach the good news to others; seeking to win souls for Christ. Then maybe seek all these other blessings like gifts and healings and all. And perhaps, I’m getting the order wrong but this is the conviction in my heart that I’m getting. And while I may know what to do, it’s harder to put into action, so God is my strength and my guide! Amen ❤

Have a great day loves 🌹❤🌹


8 thoughts on “A Deeper Relationship with Christ

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  3. Hello Serena. Such a delight to discover your blog – and read up on good stuffs.

    I came across your post on tongues and the follow up on the subject and I think you made profound submissions. It’s great that you had that yearning to speak in tongues. Actually, it’s your Spirit desiring to find expression.

    Meanwhile, I believe the inability to do so is due to misconceptions you have had on the subject. I”ve also held such opinions in times past and of course, it hindered me from flowing with the gifts. Paul writes 1 Cor 12-14 in order to enlighten the Corinthian Christian about the things of the spirit (of which tongues is one). This shows that the believer can have God’s Spirit and yet be unaware of its diversities and operations. However, when well taught, he is able to function in them effectively (like every believer should).

    The truth is tongues is an inherent ability of every one who has believed on Christ. The believer has the faculty to speak inspiredly. It’s not something to be desired coz it’s already resident in such. He only needs to come to an understanding of the operation and simply function in them. Fact is you can function not only in tongues but also in all the gifts.

    I understand this may not be the best channel to discuss the subject. But I’ll really love to talk it over with you. My mail is opened for further interaction on the subject: ayansolaibukun18@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  4. Thank you…I’ll email you my thoughts when I can but for a brief, I don’t believe that all believers have all these gifts and would only be manifest if they clear all misconceptions and fully understand what the gifts mean. Because Paul even asked if all can speak in tongues, if all can prophecy, if all can interpret but he knows that not all believers can. Because to each, is given the manifestation of the Spirit for common good.

    Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all possess gifts of healing? Do all speak with tongues? Do all interpret?
    1 Corinthians 12:29‭-‬30 ESV

    However, I understand what you’re saying. That Paul enlightens these believers of the gifts they may already have had. But, Paul never says to teach them these gifts. Although, when one practices something, they get better. Better, because there has already been a base to work with. If we’ve been gifted with a certain one, we have been gifted and we can work on it, to get better at it. And actually, we can desire it, because I don’t believe it reside in every believer Paul even tells us to “earnestly desire” it. So it is possible that we as believers, can not have certain gifts of the spirit. Because what I believe is most important is the sanctification of the believer and the body of Christ as a whole. These gifts may be used to achieve this, but not necessarily. We see in the Bible the fruits (not gifts) of the Spirit being the evidence of sanctification.

    I’ll email you when I can! I’m quite busy now… serenaonwuka@gmail.com that’s my email too!

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  5. I don’t know how come I’m just getting to see the response.

    I get your line of thought. It’s intelligent reasoning. Meanwhile, revelation knowledge in God’s Word is progressive.

    Thanks for the email address. I’ll say hello asap.

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    1. And sadly, I’m just getting to read this comment in full too now. Thank you so much for helping me see truths continually and bring encouraging too! God truly bless you!😊✊🏽❤


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