Last week I made the decision to start journals this year, especially one with my prayer life, because I noticed I tend to write my prayers down, free writing as it comes from my heart, as it keeps me more focused. I also understand things better when I write them down because my thoughts are usually all over the place. People have also adviced me to write down what I want to say before saying it because they’ve noticed what I already know I have: the tendency to talk a lot and say a lot of things at once and not know how to arrange what I want to say. And that was one of the reasons why I started this blog; because I spoke/wrote a lot, even though I didn’t do so very wisely. However, God is indeed still working on my case!

Anyways, I decided to get journals for different things: Bible Study, Prayer, Dreams, Gratitude, Plans… and starting them was harder than I thought. I got three identical journals with each having different colours. Confusion led to researching and answers I found. But that was another problem, there were too many answers. I just couldn’t find which particular format I wanted my prayer journal to be in. I wanted to write letters to God everyday talking about my day, entailing my joys, confusions, struggles and more. I also wanted to freewrite my prayers but also bullet point them so I will be able to indicate when one was answered. That is, if they attained the of being accomplished before Christ returns (like the salvation of a person unlike praying for the sanctification of one, which would only be completed when He returns). I even found the EXAMEN Prayer which entailed reflections and repentance that was adviced to be done twice per day and I wanted to do that as well but where and when? Would I be able to do all these per day? And what would I group together to be in a single book? Moreover, I wanted to write down what I studied in the Bible each day as well as focus on a single bible verse per day and deeply study it and apply it to my life and see how God displays Himself in that verse. And then there were my dreams, which I wasn’t even sure I would always be able to remember but I really wanted to record them. So after article upon article and template upon templates, I decided.

I categorized them into three: Bible Study, Prayers, and Letters to God. Dreams, and Plans/Goals would be done in soft copy because I would like to record my dreams when I can’t write them. Plus, Google Resources really help with the planning. Oh and Gratitude would be imbedded in the prayer one. And so I decided that each month, I’ll write down prayers for that month, which had the possibility of being updated daily. Then each day, I’ll probably do the monthly prayer, the EXAMEN Prayer, freewrite my prayers, or simply talk to God about my day. And in whatever format I wish to read my Bible, be it with the single verse focuses or a Bible Study Plan with someone or a group of people, or any other wise format, then so be it. Whatever works each day. I pray I will remember to consult the Holy Spirit first though.

It’s funny and sad how at first, I wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing with absolute neatness, almost forgetting why I was doing it in the first place, which was to commune better with God. I’ve learnt that there’s no best method to approaching God and I will continually go to Him as I am.

I thank God I started journalling though because it makes me look forward to spending time with Him each day and I’m so happy about that! Because before, I viewed having to pray as something legalistic and tiring to look forward each day. I thought I had to pray a certain way and not any other way. It wasn’t until God used the church, my friends and some websites as well to help me understand that one can pray through verses from the Bible and that I don’t necessarily have to close my eyes and pray from my mind each time. Thank God for people! anddd, it’s a wrap!

I say to the Lord , “You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you.”

Psalms 16:2 ESV

Have a good day! 🌹♥️🌹