TEDx Gratitude 2019

Ha! 2019 is coming to an end and so it’s time to reflect upon what my good gracious Father has done for me this year!🥺 First of alllll, I- bruh, I cannot even formulate a proper sentence! Like whattt! My increase in friends, more like family even, this year has baffled me, and in a good way! But while my circle increased, sadly, some fell out unintentionally. But I am still soo grateful to God! Because this year:

  1. I attended my first FOCUS event and even miraculously I tell ya, I was able to attend the remaking events of the year.
  2. I got to understand the basics of the gospel.
  3. I, you could say, put my trust in Jesus (I was drowning in legalism 2018 and I still struggle a bit with it, but God is working!) and I could only do this because of the Spirit working in me🥺♥️
  4. I found out about a healthy church, Covenant Hope, through my friends, Ruth and Shanyl and not only that,
  5. I became a member of covHope!
  6. I got baptized as well! Ahhhh!
  7. God blessed me with a whole new family and friends as well! FOCUS (Fellowship Of Christian UAE Students) and CovHope!!! (Mahn, you all do not even know how much, I repeat, how much, God has used the people under any or both categories, to grow me this year😭)
  8. I was able to finally let out what had been holding my peace of mind for about a year and a half, and I expected a terrible drastic result but miraculously again, absolutely nothing happened. My my. This year has been…moving on!
  9. God also helped me tell more people about Jesus, in situations where I couldn’t imagine ever doing so! Like whattt!
  10. A team and I from Focus as well as CovHope, started a bible discussion group at my university! It was a beautiful fall semester. Struggled here and there, but God.
  11. I made new friends at my university! Definitely would not have happened last year because I was always on my own. I didn’t really like meeting people or having conversations because I’d be very awkward and will rush my words😂 but Shanyl was on my case this year! And boy o boy, how grateful I am to him! This year, he really made sure I made the effort to meet new people. He helped me see that it can be quite a selfish thing to be on your own, being focused only on self, when you can be out there, helping people with their physical and most importantly, their eternal state as well!
  12. I made new friends online and still kept in contact with the ones I made last year! And they’ve truly impacted me in one way or another and most, toward Christ! Thank you guysss! (Mercy, Isaac, and David!)
  13. I am still in solid contact with past friends! If I start mentioning names now, I won’t stop but they know themselves! Thank you so much for putting up with me all these years and growing with me in Christ as well! Oh and,
  14. I got free from an addiction through the power of Christ😭! (Now this is a whooole testimony on its own that I’ll preserve for much muchh later😂)
  15. I turned 18! (On the 30th of December)♥️

And while I can mention a lot more, I’d like to leave it at this. It’s already quite a lot 😂 now thank you for coming to my TEDx Gratitude 2019 write up🥺👊🏽♥️

And have a blessed new year! I do know I haven’t been diligent on this, but by God’s Grace, I will be in 2020. See y’all in the new decade! Here’s to new beginnings and continued growths in Christ! ♥️


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