There’s Grace, He’s Love

God, this is it.

I don’t want any more of it.

I’ve come back, please help me.

Is it possible to allow yourself to drown in sin?

whilst still knowing it is indeed sin?

Ha, yes it is.

It is, and as I’ve lived it, so I know

A bad feeling I tell you, and nothing otherwise

It’s easy to say,

“Just turn away and go as you are”

The same can’t be said, for the action though

But God is good, God is love

Mercy He grants, and Grace, He gifts

Comforts His own and strengthens with help

Humanely it’s not easy,

but it’s the right thing to do

So while lifting myself up,

And doing the same to you too,

I say, “Go as you are and let it go

God is in control; He has your back.”

You failed again? Okay, there’s grace

But we need to take caution,

‘Cuz time is ticking;

Nevertheless, you need to know

“it’s never too late, if you’re still alive

or never too late, if Christ hasn’t returned.”

— Serena


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